Advisory Board


Graham Worsley (Chair), Associate at Designability

Graham is an innovation specialist who works for a number of universities, charities and SMEs. His background is in Government research programmes and he is supporting us with research and development opportunities.




Madeleine Starr,
Director of Business Development and Innovation at Carers UK

Madeleine leads on business development and innovation, with responsibility for training and consultancy, technology and the Employers for Carers membership forum. She ensures that our income-generating activities meet our charitable objectives, helping to improve carers lives while ensuring that the organisation is sustainable in the future. She has been with Carers UK for nearly 14 years.



Ian Betteridge, Editorial Director at Dennis Publishing

Ian has been writing about technology for more than 20 years, which is long enough for his original focus – Apple – to have gone from “five days from bankruptcy” to “biggest company in the world”. Since then he’s managed magazines, websites, apps, YouTube channels, Facebook pages and pretty much every other kind of medium there is. He’s interested in mobile technology, from laptops to phones via tablets and smartwatches, along with the cloud and startups. He’s also likely to bend your ear about the importance of diversity when it comes to business, especially tech businesses.

David Calder, Knowledge Transfer Manager for UK Health and Care sectors, KTN UK

Innovate UK, Convener of Robotics KTN. Knowledge Transfer Manager for KTN-UK working primarily in health technology. Background is in manufacture and NPD in electronic components and filtration plus cross sector R&D and project management. Currently responsible for knowledge transfer projects with TSB including, ALIP and the new Digital Health SIG.


Steve Maslin,
RIBA NRAC FSI Director of bud, Building User Design

Steve is Director of bud (Building User Design Solutions Ltd), Design Council CABE Built Environment Expert and Senior Research Fellow at the Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems. Steve is also a Chartered member of the RIBA, Consultant member of the National Register of Access Consultants, Standing Panel of Experts member of Building Research Establishment, several British Standards Institute committees.


Joanna Metcalfe, Chartered Building Surveyor at Gleeds

Joanna is working as a building surveyor based in the London office of Gleeds. My experience includes condition surveys, specification writing, contact administration and project management in a variety of sectors including commercial, retail, health and education.


Phil.JPGPhil Webster, Manager, Southend Equipment Service, Southend Borough Council

Phil has worked for Southend-on-Sea’s Equipment Service since 1998 and has managed the service for the last 11 years. The Service, part of the Department of People, provides community equipment to the residents of Southend to maintain independence or to support Carers. He is also an active member of the National Association of Equipment Providers. This has given him a wealth of practical knowledge and understanding of the Community Equipment industry. A self-confessed gadget geek, he takes a keen interest in the technical advancements that will impact positivity on the people who use Community Equipment. His view is that Services will have to adapt and commissioning strategies change to utilise this new technology. The 4th Industrial revolution is happening right now and he encourages all to play their part in these exciting times.


Peter Dale,
Chair, Board of Trustees, SEEFA.

SEEFA is the South East England Forum on Ageing. SEEFA aims to bring people together to influence later life strategies, policies and services to make life better for current and future generations of older people.


andy gould
Andy Gould, MD Gould Engineering & Management Services Ltd