Care Robotics Art Challenge

 Chiron Project: Robots v Humanity. At the Google Campus - 1Dec16

CHIRON Care Robotics Art Challenge

CHIRON launched an arts competition in conjunction with UK Robotics Week 2017 to encourage people to think creatively about how we care for people in the future.

FIRST PRIZE has been awarded to John Heath for his vision for a robotic aid to ready meal preparation.  John has been rewarded with £500 cash, an overnight stay in a hotel in Bristol and a chance to see robots under construction with a guided tour for him and a friend, of Bristol Robotics Laboratory with a member of the CHIRON team

Background to the competition

The UK has a growing population of people who need care and a limited workforce and budget to do it with. Using robots will be part of how we manage the future of care.
The competition was judged by members of the CHIRON team, an experienced group of engineers, designers, professors and professionals with experience in working towards building assistive technology for the care sector.

We challenged anyone aged 16 or over (there is no upper limit), living in mainland Great Britain to send us one of the following:

  • A unique drawing or computer graphic of a robotic solution that you think could make a real difference to society
  • A piece of artwork which relates to care robotics
  • Creative writing which explores the care crisis landscape or a positive future of humans and care robots.
  • Something outside the box!