Our Vision

“We are aiming to create a new aspirational product that will intervene along the whole care pathway, reduce the rate at which people move along it themselves, and improve their quality of life.”
Rich Walker, Shadow Robot Company


CHIRON vision

Dignity, Independence & Choice

We want to move away from traditional ways people think about assistive robots. We think of CHIRON as preventative, helping people maintain their health and well-being for as long as possible. Compared to the current model of care, CHIRON offers more dignity and gives people more choiceWe believe technology can enable independence, as opposed to the old model of care as something being done *to* people. The CHIRON consortium is fundamentally concerned with and dedicated to supporting people to increase their agency and have more control over their own lives. Affordability is also key.

CHIRON Objectives

Our key objective is to lead a paradigm shift by re-thinking assistive robots

  • Modular robotic system comprising adaptable functional units
  • Focus on affordable solutions that are robust and flexible
  • Technology that can be integrated with other products and assistive devices
  • Incorporate advances in sensor technology
  • Embed within an intelligent ecosystem

Key to adoption is ensuring that the CHIRON components are designed as desirable products and people will feel fit in with their cultural and social frames of reference – this also includes considering gender preferences.

Making CHIRON happen

This is a big and courageous plan, requiring input from many. For a project of this scale the two year  time scale is comparatively short – so how we will ensure we achieve our shared vision?

Firstly, we have ensured we have the best possible experts in the team. Each of the partners are experts within their field. They truly have the knowledge and skills to excel. Combined we truly believe we are a unrivalled and unique combination.

We each have an impressive track record of success – for example, Designability has designed over 300 assistive technology products over the years and has been involved in leading and supporting many projects across the health and  care sectors.

In the few months the six partners have been working together we have impressed each other with the synergies and magnification of results that this group of experts is capable.

In full acknowledgement of the complexity of the project we will ensure we apply impeccable project management, delivered via an experienced project management partner, Telemetry associates who are already involved in other Innovate projects.

Aims to Create Desire

  • Consumer pull not push
  • Aspirational
  • Reduce Stigma
  • Create conversation
  • Home enhancing
  • Great user experience
  • Make life fun