CHIRON held an event called Robots vs Humanity in Google Campus in London on 1st December 2016. We asked our attendees to give their views on the future of robots…

Are Robots the Future?

Dr Tom Pennybacker of The Chelsea Psychology Clinic answers the question, ‘How long before we all have robots?’ 

‘… I expect everyone will have a robot, whether they mean to or not…’

Dr Elena Touroni of The Chelsea Psychology Clinic, London answers the question, ‘Is it robots or is it humanity that wins?’

‘…how can we identify the task that robots are best at in order to help humanity and in order to assist meeting the needs of vunerable people.’

Julian answers the question ‘ Can robots replace humanity?’ 

‘…I don’t think there technology is there yet, but maybe it will be soon.’

Amanda answers the question: ‘Can robots replace humans?’

‘…they cannot be as irrational as human beings.’

Robots v Humanity, CHIRON Project – YouTube

Adrita answers the question ‘Will robots be better humans than humans’

‘…they wouldn’t have consciousness…’

Parag answers the question ‘Will robots be better humans than humans?’
‘…they will be better machines than us very soon.’