Upcoming event – Robots vs Humanity

The CHIRON project are excited to be hosting an event called Robots vs Humanity at Google Campus, London on the evening of 1st December 2016!

Attend Robots Vs Humanity to enjoy talks from robot engineers, psychologists, inventors and tech entrepreneurs as they explore the next generation of robots, technology, and humanity. There will even be a visit from Pepper the service robot!

Tickets are free – available from Eventbrite.

*List of confirmed speakers to be updated on here at a later date*

New Scientist Live 2016

By Sinéad Nolan

will robots rule the future.png
One of the questions on the Mendeley Wall at New Scientist Live

New Scientist Live 2016 was a fertile and inspiring ground for science lovers. Luckily for me, it was also full of information on robots and assistive technology as well as a place that many people working on robot projects were congregating.

The robot that can make you a cocktail

While highlights of the day included meeting Imperial College’s ‘DeNiro robot’, having a cocktail made for me by a robot, as well as meeting Pepper (the service robot who guessed my age as 23, a flattering 8 years younger) the talks on the technology stage really added to the experience.

20160923_141156 (2).jpg
Nao robot at New Scientist Live

There was a fascinating talk from Dr Ruth McKernan CBE, Chief Executive of Innovate UK on The Future of Healthcare on how medicine is transforming gene therapy, cancer detection and personalised treatment. Billy Boyle co-founder of Ownstonenano also spoke about a new breathalizer which measures metabolites in our breath facilitating the early detection of cancer. Later on in the day, Irina Higgins, Research Scientist from Googles DeepMind did a talk on making AI human – complete with insights  into how a robot brain perceives something in comparison to a humans.

Irina Higgins – Alien Intelligence: Making AI Human

In the below video I ask an organiser from the Mendeley Wall and Alzeimer’s Research UK for their opinion on the future of assistive technology.