Startup to Finished Product – An Entrepreneur’s Perspective


CHIRON is holding an event in Google Campus on 30th June called: ‘Startup to Finished Product – An Entrepreneur’s Perspective’.

What’s it about?

While the name is long, this event should be exciting (and interesting, we hope!) For digital and robotic entrepreneurs, this event covers the challenges faced once funding for your start-up or idea has been obtained.

Set in Google Campus in Shoreditch, and with free drinks and networking to boot, we are hoping it could be an evening of a meeting of minds between all sorts of techie and entrepreneurial types! We hope you can make it too.

What will I learn?

Seasoned experts in the field will talk about their experience in the trenches and look at the challenges faced on their journey to designing and marketing a successful idea from conception to finished product. Let’s face it, funding can be scary, confusing and weird. Our speakers have been through this, and will discuss their experience of being funded via the following routes:

  • An Innovate UK project
  • Kickstarter
  • Crowd-funding
  • Other forms of funding

See agenda below for more details!


7pm – Arrival & Networking

7.20pm – Speaker 1 – Sebastian Conran, Co-founder Design, MiRo – Consequential Robotics,

Director of Sebastian Conran Associates, Sebastian is a leading designer and innovator. Conran established Sebastian Conran Associates (SCA), a product and brand development consultancy in 1986 and in 1992 started a separate design partnership with Tom Dixon, another designer. From 1999, he headed product and branding design in Studio Conran under Conran & Partners, part of the Conran Group.
Sebastian is also Designer in Residence to University of Sheffield science faculty and was Visiting Professor at the University of the Arts London [2009-2012]. Among his many accolades, he is an Hon. Fellow of the Royal College of Art; Hon. Doctor of Technology at Loughborough University; Hon. Fellow, University of the Arts London and Hon. Doctor of Arts, University of Hertford. He ais also a Chair of the Home Office’s Design & Technology Alliance [2008-2011], Creative Industries KTN and Innovate UK’s Design Special Interest Group. He is a Trustee of the Design Council [2009-2011], D&AD [2005-2009] and the Design Museum and a Fellow of Royal Society of Arts and Chartered Society of Designers.

7.30pm – Speaker 2 – Ben Ryan – CEO & Founder at Ambionics International

Ben Ryan invented unique prosthetic technology geared towards helping very young amputees.A devoted father, he gave up his job and taught himself biotechnology after his baby son had to have his arm amputated. Unsatisfied with the “cumbersome” options available for children and babies on the NHS, the psychology teacher locked himself in his shed for days on end to make the perfect bionic arm for his little boy.

Arms with sensor technology, according to Ben Ryan, aren’t available until children are three or four years old, and he “wanted it a bit quicker than that”.

The technology uses fluid to operate a grabbing mechanism (hydraulic) and was inspired by how spiders move their legs using fluid pressure. Sacks of fluid in the socket of a prosthetic arm are squashed to control a basic grabbing mechanism.

7.40pm – Speaker 3 – Geoff Pegman, Managing Director, R.U Robots Limited

Geoff Pegman is Managing Director of R.U Robots Limited. RU Robots is a small innovative advanced robotics company specialising in studies and prototype equipment design & build. RUR undertakes development work on behalf of other companies as well as pursuing research into new application areas and advances in technology.

7.50pm – Speaker 4 – Jack Scott-Reeve – Co-founder Engimake

Jack Scott-Reeve is the Co-Founder of Engimake, a 3D printed robot startup funded by Kickstarter. Their product, QuadBot, is a 3D Printable, programmable walking robot. QuadBot was created so that anyone can get into making robotics. Open source and loaded with complex algorithms, it is ideal for newbie makers, aspiring roboticists and veteran hackers. Jack has a Master of Engineering from the University of Manchester.

8pm – Jobeda Ali – CHIRON Project & CEO, Three Sisters Care (CHIRON Project)

Jobeda Begum Ali is an English businesswoman, award-winning social entrepreneur, documentary filmmaker and Chief Executive of Three Sisters Care. Three Sisters Care is currently involved in an Innovate UK funded project called CHIRON (Care at Home using Intelligent Omni-functional Nodes) with five other partners including Bristol Robotics Laboratory and Shadow Robot Company. CHIRON aims to build aspirational robotics for the care sector to support dignity, independence and choice ( Jobeda was shortlisted for Social Enterprise of the Year Award 2015 at the Forward Ladies Women in Business Awards. She is a regular contributor to The Guardian Social Care Blog and has written about ethical employment and living wage in the care sector. In 1996, Jobeda graduated with a BA Hons in Indian and African History from the Trinity College, Cambridge. In 2000, she completed an MA in History, and in 2004, she completed an MA in World Trade and Development: Regulation and Responsibility at the University of Cambridge.

8.10 – 8.45 Panel Discussion & Questions

8.45 – 10pm Networking & Drinks & Local Pub (after all, it is Friday!)


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